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 Posted: Sep 19th, 2015 03:29 AM
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Hi blackrain, welcome aboard :)

As it happens, I was chatting via emails with a chap in England recently and we were discussing various ways to build such devices.
I have a new build that's been tested a few times and shows usual, it needs good quality headphones. None of this gives the clarity and volume of other methods, but is always intriguing. If you are used to Audacity it's a breeze to 'Normalize' and play back.
EVP's tend to be Class B from these devices. There's not the crackle of incoming energy and then crystal clear wording, but neither are they to be dismissed.

Anyway, this one is built from 2x Dollar Tree dancing solar toy coils and a Germanium diode.
The coils are 500ohms each.
The addition of a variable capacitor from an old radio (across the coils) hasn't seemed to help. In fact, quite the opposite, i'm getting nothing and that's where experiments have paused for the past couple of weeks.
Using the coils makes the building of the unit far simpler, but, the wires are easily broken with being less than hair thin.

Will update with a pic and some EVP's, once I start up the experiments again...which your post has prompted :)