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 Posted: Aug 2nd, 2015 05:58 PM
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Brian Jones

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Hello, Brian Jones here. I want to get right to the point... I am very interested in having people who are fully ready to help me document my abilities to receive and relay personal information for other people who are truly open and ready to ask for personal answers from spirit, higher power, higher self, or whatever you wish to call it. I am not offering this casually, and I am going to start the process with very direct screening, which would be done over the phone... I have in the past allowed a huge amount of my time to be wasted by other people who dropped the ball...

In other words, I'm done with that, so if you are not fully ready and actually seriously interested in exploring this for purposes of collaborative documentation, please do not give it a second thought. Because some people might just be ready to have me relay personal information for them, I would commit to confidentiality, and you would have the right to decide what you wished to share in documentation... I'll leave it at that for the moment... we can discuss the possibilities and come to an agreement that works for all involved.

     Thank you ............. Sincerely, Brian Jones