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The ITC Bridge Radio Collaboration Project

February 2011 - The Stream is live again, 24/7 - and is currently AUDIO only.
For updates, please check back here, or send an email to [email protected] and
ask to be added to the email distribution list.

Welcome to the second ITC Bridge Stream page, customized for live group interaction and screenshots.
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***This stream is currently offline, and is not expected back up until late fall / early winter 2009.***

Please read the stream guidelines found here (on the main stream page) before participating in this stream.
Information on this stream page is current as of 4/27/09, and is subject to change frequently, according to experimental needs.


About this Project

This project was created to usher in a new era of communication with spirit. Technology has advanced, and therefore has provided us with more options to better understand how we can use our resources to bring the truth about life after death to the forefront. ITC Bridge holds these two truths to be evident:
1. That there is no evidence like personal experience, and
2. That the whole is greater than its individual parts.

This project seeks to overcome all boundaries of language, physical location, race, sex, and creed by providing a place where anyone can participate in experiments in communication with spirit. Anyone is welcome, regardless of their experience in instrumental transcommunication and paranormal-related fields. Here at the Bridge, we come together as one. We hold in one hand our intense desire to communicate with spirit and in the other we grasp the need for change in the world today. We cast aside our natural instincts of pride and our hunger for the approval of others as we push forward with our hearts and minds.

We are here to create a bridge of communication between the spiritual and physical planes of existence. As we know the difference between the two planes is described as being a difference of vibration, we hold true to our innermost values and aspire to increase our vibrations by being pure and true to ourselves. We care not that our goals may seem trivial to others, for we are here to find our own path and to lead the way. The time has come for us to work together, with willfull abandonment of our seeming differences in experience and personality. The time has come for YOU to be involved.

Our Objectives for this stream are stated below:
1. See if spirit communicators can modulate the tones to produce voice for a real-time conversation.


Technical Info

The list of items used in the experiments are as follows:

Typical Experiment Hardware:
1 x Talking House AM transmitter, 1 x Sony ICF-SW7600GR Stereo Radio Receiver,
1 x stereo 1/8" to 1/8" stereo audio cable, 1 x stereo phono to 1/8" stereo audio cable

Additional Experiment Hardware:
None at this time

Computer hardware:
Audio Source Computer: Dell Dimension 3000 - 2.4Ghz processor with 768MB RAM, onboard sound
Filtering/Streaming Computer: Custom Clone with Intel 865 chipset, 3Ghz processor with 3GB RAM, onboard sound

Computer Software:
Audio Source Computer: NCH Tone Generator by NCH software
Streaming Computer: DigiPan by callsigns KH6TY, UT2UZ and UU9JDR, WebCamMax, Adobe Flash Media Encoder, Adobe Audition 1.5
Audio Filtering computer: DC7 audio forensics live filtering software

Frequencies (as of 4/27/09)

Many combinations of frequencies will be tried on this stream, usually totalling no more than 13 tones transmitted simultaneously. This project started at 120hz and proceeded upwards, with a tone at each 120hz interval. Expect some experiments to take place in multiples of 60hz, and with rising and falling tones, also of varying intensity and volume. I don't see the actual frequencies to be of importance at this time, though it may be possible they may need to be adjusted, should spirit be able to utilize them for voice. Later experiments may even be without a tone source, but instead use other controlled audio sources.


The typical routing is as follows: Tons in increments of 120hz are created by NCH tone generator and fed out of audio source computer into 1/8" stereo to
phono plugs, then into line input of a Talking House AM transmitter. Signal is broadcasted at 1630Khz over a distance of 35-40 feet, where it is received by
a Sony ICF-SW7600GR stereo radio receiver. The receiver is tuned to 1635khz, to a point where there are rich harmonics and reception is off slightly. The
signal is then fed into the filtering/streaming computer where it is displayed visually by DigiPan software. From there the audio is filtered live with DC7 using the
Bias SoundSoap DirectX audio plugin. In DC7 there are also two filters responsible for rejecting the harmonics of the frequencies transmitted.

The end result is that the center of the signal (each tone/frequency transmitted) is filtered and adjusted for easier listening. The audio/video signal is then rendered with WebCamMax, encoded with Adobe Flash Media Encoder, and streamed to USTREAM, where it is also syndicated to various websites. Latency from the time of origination on the audio source computer to the display in flash player in browsers may range from 3-60 seconds - dependent upon USTREAM buffer.

For this stream, participants are likely to encounter interference such as cell phones ringing and electrical appliance interference.
Hearing stray radio voice on this stream is rather unlikely, though still possible. Due to the strength of the audio signal generated, and the weakness of any other
AM radio signals in that range - this stream will encounter far less unwanted interference than the Main Stream 1.


This experiment is the second of many experimental streams to come. Inspired by spirit, the goal is to provide public arenas in which groups of people will be able to contribute their energy towards building a bridge of communication with spirit. We create ideas, and then we bring them to you to share in them with us. All communication of spirit via ITC is through energy, and there are countless ways in which we will be able to see, experience, and measure their interaction with us. These streams are a sort of display of the variety of ways in which spirit communication takes place through electronics. It is a sort of present day museum, and we are adding one piece at a time.

This stream was conceived soon after the first, but resources had to be put in place in order to make it possible. As many of you have already figured out, the idea for this stream is based on the Spiricom work of George Meek and William O'Neil. It is important to note that this stream is in no way related to or associated with Spiricom, yet it does make use of some of the ideas and theories presented by Meek and O'Neil. Time will tell whether or not spirit
can influence this stream to form voice.

Build a Bridge

There are many of us out there with no special or higher education to procure as we work towards proving the existence of life after death. What can we do? Is
there a way we can help? The answer is yes. If you're a scientist or a person with the ability to help bring credibility to this field, then you have the obligation to
do so. If you're just an average Joe, then be an honest and creative average Joe. Come join us on the stream. Join your energy with ours as we work towards creating something to help our fellow man. If you have the desire to communicate with spirit and want to do your part, then do so. Far too many of us look to others for approval of the things we do, see, hear, and feel. Many of us communicate with spirit in ways we cannot explain. Does it really matter if what you think and feel is accepted by the majority of people? Here at the stream we strive to create and build the bridges of communication with spirit. It does not matter whether
anyone thinks it can be done or not. Do you think it can be done? Do you think it will be done? If so, apply your creative imagination and help us "build this bridge."

ITC Bridge has a motto "Cooperation First, Evidence Second." This means that it is time to come together and work together towards a common goal. Forget our differences, forget the boundaries and other obstacles that we place in our way. Leave the burden of proof to spirit and focus on working together as a collective group. What would happen if several hundred or several thousand of us came together for a single purpose? I began my work with ITC by trying to make others happy, to see if they approved of my work. It was only with the help of spirit and life lessons that changed my path and opinion on this matter. All around me I see people frustrated, all of us wanting so bad to prove life after death, wandering on our own separate paths. The prevalent thought pattern of which I also was guilty said "Get the evidence, and then it will bring people together. Provide the proof and everyone will unite and the world will begin to change."
I now say to you instead "Unite and come together as one. Only then can we truly know what evidence will be presented. Focus on working together and joining our collective vibrations, and let spirit worry about the evidence. What evidence can one man provide that will change the world? This is not an individual effort, but one of global proportions. The effort is not one-sided, it is man and spirit working together side by side. Why then, should man feel as if he has to bear the full burden of proof?" I say lets approach this from a different angle, hence "Cooperation first, Evidence Second"


How you can help
You can help by contributing your energy to the project. Everyone is welcome, and a positive atmosphere is highly encouraged and protected. Participate and be yourself. Do you think Spiricom was genuine? Do you think the Spiricom idea is feasible, and can be achieved? Stop by and contribute your time to see if your initiative and energy will help spirit overcome the obstacles present in this work. This is your stream, and it will be here anytime you feel like stopping by. One way or another, your help is needed. You can also tell your friends about it. Have a website that you would like to simulcast the stream on? Send me an email and I'll give you what you need to make it happen. Have experiment ideas that you would like to conduct on the stream? Send them in. If they're feasible, we're open to ideas and trying new things. We work on the idea that anything is possible. If it can be imagined, it can be created. Remember, its your stream.

Submit your Material
Post your stream recordings and images on the ITC Bridge forum. Keep audio clips to a minimal, and when possible include interaction between yourself and spirit.

For more information or if you have any additional comments or questions, please email me at [email protected] I'd like to hear from you.

© 2009 Keith Clark