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The ITC Bridge Radio Collaboration Project

February 2011 - The Stream is live again, 24/7 - and is currently AUDIO only.
For updates, please check back here, or send an email to [email protected] and
ask to be added to the email distribution list.

Welcome to the most comprehensive website page on this project, also customized for live group interaction and screenshots.
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Basic Guidelines

If you have time, please read more about this project to become familiar with it or ask for help. If you don't have time, here are the basic rules of operation:

Voice 1. If you hear a loud, buzzing noise - that is most likely spirit. It cannot be understood (so far), so do not exert effort to make the unintelligible intelligible.Participants are encouraged to attempt to interact with spirit, however basic the mode of communication may be. Do not claim what is not true, and if you want to demonstrate interaction with spirit, this is best done with recordings that include both sides of the interaction, both yours and spirit. Spend some time on the stream, and your questions will be answered.

Images 2. If you see images, collect them. Spirit is able to influence sound waves. Are all images that you see actually spirit? No, they cannot be.
This is why you should try to collect the samples that best demonstrate the ability of spirit to influence sound to form images. These images will be subjective
to the opinion of the observer, and can only be as good as natural law in current conditions allow. Just do your best, the rest will follow.

Morale 3. DO NOT FORGET that this is just "busy work", something that binds us together as we work towards our objectives (see below). By working together, we are helping to create the bridge. We DO NOT ACCEPT the current interaction with spirit as satisfactory. DO NOT forget the forest for the trees. We are seeking success, a bridge of communication. Do not become so entangled with whether someone hears or sees your samples as you do. Doing so distracts you from looking high to our goal. ACCEPT the fact that we are not there yet, that our samples are only indicative of the journey rather than the destination. We have our sights set on ultimate success, clear communication for all. DO NOT be surprised if you are laughed at or misunderstood. The project will be this way until success is achieved. Are you in or out? Do not sell yourself short by wasting all of your time trying to improve what you have no control over improving. This success will be met with our hearts coming together as one, not by how many times we listen to our audio clip or ask others for their opinion on the image we collected. Simply be happy to be a vital part of a new age and effort of communication with spirit.
Success will be measured by the outcome.

Etiquette 4. This stream is conducted in much the same way as a physical mediumship circle. One of the requirements is that the level of vibration that is maintained be as positive as possible. This means that all conversation in the chatroom is expected to be only on things positive in nature, and only conducive to the group as a whole. Even simple conversation that may be deemed to be harmless, such as discussing murder, crimes, or any ill will of mankind is not allowed. This can also include the subjects of violent death, fear, and "negative entities". The reason for this is obvious - if it is not constructive to the mindset and vibration of the circle as a whole, then it is destructive. Destructive and negative thoughts displayed in conversation in the chatroom will not be tolerated, on any level. The level of vibration brought forward by the group as a whole will determine what we receive as a group. We will not allow an individual to endanger that vibration. As a general rule, think of a physical mediumship circle and the general manner of the people involved as they sit for physical mediumship. Those are the rules that we follow, and they will be enforced, at all costs.

****We reserve the right to enforce the protection of the circle by terminating the stream at any time, or by removing an individual from the stream chatroom.****

Below are samples of images collected by stream participants while visiting the live stream

Keith Clark

Deborah Preece

Cat Perks

Richard & Mandy

Sammii & Deborah Preece

More to come! Additional samples are added as we grow and more people participate in the stream.
Visitors are encouraged to participate in the stream and send in their snapshots to share with the world.


About this Project

This project was created to usher in a new era of communication with spirit. Technology has advanced, and therefore has provided us with more options to better understand how we can use our resources to bring the truth about life after death to the forefront. ITC Bridge holds these two truths to be evident:
1. That there is no evidence like personal experience, and
2. That the whole is greater than its individual parts.

This project seeks to overcome all boundaries of language, physical location, race, sex, and creed by providing a place where anyone can participate in experiments in communication with spirit. Anyone is welcome, regardless of their experience in instrumental transcommunication and paranormal-related fields. Here at the Bridge, we come together as one. We hold in one hand our intense desire to communicate with spirit and in the other we grasp the need for change in the world today. We cast aside our natural instincts of pride and our hunger for the approval of others as we push forward with our hearts and minds.

We are here to create a bridge of communication between the spiritual and physical planes of existence. As we know the difference between the two planes is described as being a difference of vibration, we hold true to our innermost values and aspire to increase our vibrations by being pure and true to ourselves. We care not that our goals may seem trivial to others, for we are here to find our own path and to lead the way. The time has come for us to work together, with willfull abandonment of our seeming differences in experience and personality. The time has come for YOU to be involved.

Our Objectives are stated below:
1. Establish sustained communication with spirit through radio, as has been done by other ITC experimenters in the world.
2. Demonstrate that spirit can influence sound waves to form images, providing new methods of ITC experimentation.
3. Work with spirit to combine first two objectives to create real-time television-like communication using sound only.


Technical Info

The list of items used in the experiments are as follows:

Typical Experiment Hardware:
1 x Behringer condensor microphone (radio feed), 1 x Shure SM58 vocal microphone (for voice broadcasts), 1 x 100' XLR microphone cable,
1 x Mackie 1202-VLZ 12 channel mixer, 1 x stereo XLR to 1/8" stereo audio cable

Additional Experiment Hardware:
1 x ground rod 3 feet deep, 1 x Sony ICF SW7600GR shortwave receiver, 1 x Eton E100 shortwave receiver,
1 x Yaesu VR-120d Wideband Receiver, 1 x Emerson RP1103 AM/FM Weatherband radio

Computer hardware:
Streaming Computer: Dual 2.8Ghz processor, 3GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce6200 256MB RAM, Creative SB Audigy 2 ZS
Audio Filtering computer: HP 2.6Ghz processor, 1.5GB RAM, Creative Soundblaster Audigy

Computer Software:
Streaming Computer: SeaProUltra Real-Time Spectrograph by Gianni Pavan, WebCamMax, Adobe Flash Media Encoder, Adobe Audition 1.5
Audio Filtering computer: DC7 audio forensics live filtering software

The typical routing is as follows: shortwave radio in shed connected to ground rod, condenser microphone approximately 1" away from radio speaker,
XLR cable into house 100' away, Mackie mixer, output into computer 1 sound card (where it is filtered Live), output into second computer sound card
(where it is broadcasted) Typical latency 1-4 seconds.

It is explicitly defined in both the stream advertisements and the various information on the stream across the web that:
It is impossible to work with radio and not encounter stray radio broadcasts - which is NOT spirit communication. This is recognized and participants
are warned that it becomes clearly obvious that everything we hear cannot be spirit and in fact, most of what we hear is NOT spirit.
This stream usually has two "modes of operation" and they are described as:
Spirit Voice Experimentation and Spirit Images through Sound (Spectrograph)

Spirit Voice Experimentation is described as when spirit exerts an external influence upon the radio and causes what appears to be attempts at voice to come through the radio speaker. This is so far unintelligible and comprises approximately 95% of the interaction on the stream perceived as spirit communication. It sounds like an extremely loud, buzzing noise. It often is buried in electical disturbance and appears on a spectrograph at the frequencies
(and harmonics) of 60hz and 120hz. Over the course of 3 years, the nature and qualities of this perceived interaction has changed with the weather and other environmental variables. Before the birth of the stream there were occassions, however few they may have been, that gave extremely strong indications that spirit is able to influence these radios directly. Typically, this happens during the day, between the hours of 11am - 5pm P.S.T. At other times, it will sound
like a duck quacking, as a SSB signal would sound without the proper equipment. All attempts to improve reception of this signal by using equipment presumed to be of the same reception mode have yielded no results.

It is clearly known that what we usually hear that I describe as "spirit voice experimentation" is electrical disturbance; however, what is not known is
how spirit is able to influence it, and to what extent. Those that spend time on the stream and are familiar with the stream know that this is true, and that
there are frequent occassions during which spirit is able to demonstrate interaction with stream participants by vocalizing answers to questions, or by using basic signs of acknowledgement such as sudden bursts of volume.

When we hear spirit voice experimentation, that is what we focus on, as there are usually no spectrograph images.
We have no control over when and how spirit will begin their experimentation.When they do so, we switch to this mode of operation.

Spirit Images through Sound takes place when spirit voice experimentation is not present or being observed, and the radio audio spectrum is tuned so
that participants can capture images from the live stream. It works in this fashion: spirit is able to take an existing sound in the environment (or in the radio signal) and exert their influence upon it to change the characteristics of that sound (audio waves). It is known that in experimentation with EVP (electronic
voice phenomena) the energy of existing sounds in the environment can assist spirit in word formation. This is sometimes commonly referred to as a background sound source. Word formation can be simply defined as the outcome of spirit's exertion of influence with intent to change the characteristics of a sound wave to form the desired word. And, if they can alter sound to form words, then they can also alter sounds to form images.

Working on the principle that images through sound is bound by the same natural laws as evp, stray radio is sometimes added to the stream with the specific intent of providing a wide range of audio frequencies for spirit to be able to influence. Basically, in order to form images, a base sound must usally be provided for spirit to work with. Situations where they can produce images without a base sound would be considered to be akin to physical mediumship, and has not occurred in these experiments. Sending clear images through the radio is a future goal of this project. So far, good examples have been collected by participants, but they have conveyed an almost average expression of the subtle ways in which spirit can manipulate energy. We work with these images as we participate in the stream, and we consider them to be mere roadsigns of our continued involvement with spirit. The ultimate objective is crystal clear communication for all, with no doubt as to the message or authenticity.

When spirit is not working with voice experimentation, participants in the stream collect images - in the mode of Spirit Images through Sound. This is also the time during which stray radio may be intentionally induced in the stream. This is done at the mixer, which uses phantom power for the condenser microphone.
By increasing the input trim and lowering the channel volume, the amount of stray radio is increased in the stream. (increase of voltage on line) When this happens, the influence of spirit can be observed at roughly 6-10khz on the live spectrograph as the stray radio impinges on the channel audio. Stray radio is able to assist with spirit image formation, and this is the reason it appears on the stream - hence the obvious necessity arises for a full explanation and various warnings for people that are new to the stream.

Essentially, it is a balancing act here at the stream. The audio is generally optimized so that the conditions are present for both of these activities to occur, regardless of whether someone is at the stream to adjust the audio settings.


The frequencies that are used in this project should not be considered as examples of typical radio communication. That is to say that spirit has not been communicating on a specific frequency for this project. One of our common frequencies that we use is 25.5Mhz. This is because that is one of many frequencies at which we hear the influence of spirit on the radio, and we choose that one because it may appear stronger and clearer than others. During the course of 3 years, this frequency is one that has been checked many times in comparison to others (when the influence of spirit is heard on the radio) and has been found to provide the best signal. When spirit conducts what we refer to as Spirit Voice Experimentation, the signal will be present on the entire spectrum anywhere from 17khz to 152Mhz. Using their current methods, it can be heard on many frequencies simultaneously, a characteristic indicative of harmonics and presumably electrical disturbance. Given these conditions, attempts by spirit to conduct voice experimentation seems to coincide with shortwave listening practices. Higher frequencies in the daytime, lower frequencies in the evening; however, it must be noted that communication does not seem be observed as being broadcast on a specific frequency, but rather on a frequency which is best able to display the reception of the disturbance created by spirit using non-traditional means.

Analysis over the last 3 years has indicated that whe spirit attempts voice experimentation, they are able to influence what appears to be a field created by the power poles stretching from behind the shed over to the house. This is determined by walking around with the radio and observing as the electrical disturbance grows, along with the perceived attempts by spirit communicators to speak through it. This is usually stronger on perfectly clear days. It is important to note also that any electronic devices in the shed are powered by an extension cord that runs from the exterior of the house to the shed. This has already been ruled out as a direct cause by unplugging the power to the shed completely and running the radios on batteries. The appearance of the electrical disturbance and perceived attempts by spirit to communicate was still noted. In addition, the same radio was plugged into an electrical outlet in a bedroom inside the house and set to the same frequency - at the same time as one of the other experiment radios in the shed at the same frequency. The radio in the shed was active, the radio in the house was quiet as a mouse. It becomes clear that more work needs to be done to: first determine how spirit can influence this disturbance, second: reproduce in a lab environment to work with spirit on this project.

As described above, images are dependent upon the available frequencies in the sound spectrum. The only bearing that frequency has on the ability of spirit to form images is described in the voice section above. That is to say that it may be easier for spirit to form an image with mixed audio at the frequency of 25.5mhz in the daytime than it would be at 3mhz. In the evening, they have a better opportunity of producing an image with audio mixed with a radio signal at 3mhz during the evening than 25.5mhz. The effect of frequency on images for this project is small. As it is, over 90% of the images that are seen on the stream are the direct result of spirit influence on the stray radio induced on the channel audio at the mixer - and NOT coming from the experiment radio.

Setup Pictures

In June of 2007 I began the first experiments with audio spectrographs. During that period of my work with ITC, I surfed the web, looking for any bit of information that may help me better understand my work with radio. When I found something interesting, or ran across an idea that seemed to present a viable future method of experimentation with ITC, I would log it down. When I found the time or felt inclined later one, I would test these ideas. Images through sound turned out to be one of these experiment ideas. While researching, I came across the subject of spectrographs. What I found to be of particular interest to me is that several musicians had expressed their creative urge by implanting images in their music as spectrographs (spectrograms). Read about it on Wikipedia here. I wondered, "If we can convert images into sound, can spirit influence sound to form images?" And the work began.

At first it was just a theory. A clear spirit face did not pop out at me, and the software wasn't of the best quality either. But I kept trying, knowing that it just had to be a feasible idea. It seemed to make sense. How does spirit communicate using ITC. They influence and manipulate energy. Therefore, all forms of energy can be influenced by spirit. That includes light, sound, and most likely other forms of energy that we can think of. So it just made natural sense that somehow they should be able to influence sound waves. I mean, they already do it for evp - and a spectrograph is just a representation of that sound on a visual graph.

There are some nice advantages of spectrograph over traditional means of ITC. For starters, it is viewed in real time. It sure beats recording and then having to both upload the recording to a computer and then play it back. Also, it is visually appealing and easier on the experimenter. How hard is it to sit back and observe the screen from the comfort of your own computer chair? In addition, I could do two things at once - monitor the radios and contribute what I referred to as "my energy" and also work with spirit to investigate the possibility of images through sound.

After several months, I had seen enough to know that this was a valid area of work, and that my effort was not being wasted. I published an article in the AAEVP NewsJournal Fall edition of 2007. It included several of the first viewable samples of spirit images in sound. The work continued, sporadic at first, then finally settling down to a regimented routine and consistency. It took some time to evaluate all of the software out there and to learn how to use it properly. In early 2008 the quality of the work came up a notch with the use of the SeaWave and SeaPro Real-time spectrograph software products. It has the capability of processing the signal in a much more efficient and robust manner and resulted in a more defined picture of higher resolution. The same software is still used today.

From June 2007 until November 2008 I worked with images through sound (spectrographs) and sought to achieve direct radio voice. After the creation of the Best Psychic and Spiritual Network in the late fall of 2008, I would become inspired to wonder how I could share the spectrograph work with other people. How did that happen? Well, first of all I was in one of the first Talkshoe phone conferences with Peter Raymond of the Best Psychic and Spiritual Network, sometime around mid-October. During that conversation, I mentioned my work with spectrographs to Peter and he encouraged me to share it with other people. That conversation planted the seed. On October 25th, I had a dream that brought that seed to life. In that dream, I was with a group of people and we had several successful conversations with spirit. The dream was so vivid that I woke up and wrote it down. I felt so strongly that I felt I had to do something about it. I began my research.

In the first week of November 2008 I found USTREAM. At first I didn't know what I was looking for, I had been spending all of my time testing screen sharing applications - and none of them quite fit the bill. The first time I tried USTREAM I knew that we had found the proper avenue to share this project with other people. On November 8th, 2008 the stream launched and has been going strong ever since. It wasn't conceived as a 24/7 stream at first, but it quickly became obvious that this was necessary in order for people to participate from different time zones. Also, it required computer resources that I just happened to have on hand. It was time for my experience with computers to assist me in contributing what I could to the field of ITC. Now, a little over 2 months later (Jan 08) it is simulcast on at least 8 websites. The most beautiful thing of it is that people dont have to necessarily leave the website to participate. There is no competition, but there is a collective gathering of like-minded people. It is time to work together, united, as one. When this stream launched the radio and spectrograph projects became the a part of the ITC community, and transcended from personal experimentation into a collective group effort. I vow to continue this stream as long as I have the physical and mental capacity to do so. Success will be measured by the outcome.

Build a Bridge
There are many of us out there with no special or higher education to procure as we work towards proving the existence of life after death. What can we do? Is
there a way we can help? The answer is yes. If you're a scientist or a person with the ability to help bring credibility to this field, then you have the obligation to
do so. If you're just an average Joe, then be an honest and creative average Joe. Come join us on the stream. Join your energy with ours as we work towards creating something to help our fellow man. If you have the desire to communicate with spirit and want to do your part, then do so. Far too many of us look to others for approval of the things we do, see, hear, and feel. Many of us communicate with spirit in ways we cannot explain. Does it really matter if what you think and feel is accepted by the majority of people? Here at the stream we strive to create and build the bridges of communication with spirit. It does not matter whether
anyone thinks it can be done or not. Do you think it can be done? Do you think it will be done? If so, apply your creative imagination and help us "build this bridge."

ITC Bridge has a motto "Cooperation First, Evidence Second." This means that it is time to come together and work together towards a common goal. Forget our differences, forget the boundaries and other obstacles that we place in our way. Leave the burden of proof to spirit and focus on working together as a collective group. What would happen if several hundred or several thousand of us came together for a single purpose? I began my work with ITC by trying to make others happy, to see if they approved of my work. It was only with the help of spirit and life lessons that changed my path and opinion on this matter. All around me I see people frustrated, all of us wanting so bad to prove life after death, wandering on our own separate paths. The prevalent thought pattern of which I also was guilty said "Get the evidence, and then it will bring people together. Provide the proof and everyone will unite and the world will begin to change."
I now say to you instead "Unite and come together as one. Only then can we truly know what evidence will be presented. Focus on working together and joining our collective vibrations, and let spirit worry about the evidence. What evidence can one man provide that will change the world? This is not an individual effort, but one of global proportions. The effort is not one-sided, it is man and spirit working together side by side. Why then, should man feel as if he has to bear the full burden of proof?" I say lets approach this from a different angle, hence "Cooperation first, Evidence Second"


How you can help
You can help by contributing your energy to the project. Everyone is welcome, and a positive atmosphere is highly encouraged and protected. Participate and be yourself. Capture images when you have the time, or join us for group sessions as posted. Images through sound has not been formally recognized, and your contribution of images collected from the stream will be of help towards this cause. This is your stream, and it will be here anytime you feel like stopping by. One way or another, your help is needed. You can also tell your friends about it. Have a website that you would like to simulcast the stream on? Send me an email and I'll give you what you need to make it happen. Have experiment ideas that you would like to conduct on the stream? Send them in. If they're feasible, we're open to ideas and trying new things. We work on the idea that anything is possible. If it can be imagined, it can be created. Remember, its your stream.

Submit your Material
Post your stream recordings and images on the ITC Bridge forum. Keep audio clips to a minimal, and when possible include interaction between yourself and spirit.

For more information or if you have any additional comments or questions, please email me at [email protected] I'd like to hear from you.

© 2009 Keith Clark