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 Posted: Aug 25th, 2010 09:10 AM
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Hey all, I was standing in the bathroom in my childhood home.  All alone and I never said a word until I say Gonna stop now!  Nobody so far has believed me on this one so I'm posting here to get some more objective opinions.

At the very beginning I hear "Hi Debbie Helms"  really whispery and hard to hear, at .02 I hear "Talk Tape", .04 "Gary you're a f**ing idiot, .05 "That was a riot", .07  "Keep your fingers off" , .08 "Didn't have my fingers on, .10 "Told ya she doesn't hear us", then I say Gonna stop now, and at .13 "Kevin I don't think so".

Gary is one of my very best friends that passed in 2001.  I've known him since I was 11 years old.  He is a real prankster and a funny guy.  I got a funny one from him last night that I have to load and post.  I love him to death and miss him every day.  Please let me know what you hear and think about this one.

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