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 Posted: Jan 23rd, 2010 09:34 PM
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Keith Clark

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Talked to Bruce earlier and think there is some credence to his mention of phases of power. As he mentioned, the power pole outside my house may have been 3-phase. Or it may have not have been....but what is clear is that only one phase is extended to the house.

Given this information, I would like to ask if anyone can recommend a way for me to replicate/use 3 phase power in a household. I'm not actually interested in the power, I'm interested in the em fields that the 3 phases produce.

The real question is this: can I purchase a device with a 120V regular wall plug input that converts to 3phase? Yes, I could buy a converter, but the likelihood of me having a place to live that I could wire this into the wall is nill. I need something like a science project that is relatively safe for an idiot like me, maybe even something that is adjustable, not that big, but can produce the effect of a 3 phase circuit on my radios.

Any suggestions?