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 Posted: Dec 18th, 2009 01:23 AM
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Hi Joe

Yes I am fascinated by that concept as well!

ELF? Apparently if you have a long length of twin shorted at the far end, laid out on the ground and then connected to a laptops mic input, you can record some of these sounds.

I have a 50m run of speaker cable ready to try this idea out.

At the moment my laptop makes too much of its own noise LOL, I am going to see how my wifes one gets on.

I then plan to take it all to some woods that are a good distance away from houses and power lines and try it out!

Of course, just maybe spirit communications could take place!

After all, this would seem to be a very natural progression, in that we use these frequencies now to speak etc, maybe we continue to do so once we pass over, and simply use them as electromagnetic instead of physical vibrations????

Who knows.