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 Posted: Oct 25th, 2009 08:13 PM
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Brian Jones

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Hello people, I see many of you here are quite committed to ITC ! It is such a fascinating challenge... I've cut way back from the hours of experimentation I used to put in.. I find it often stressful as well as extremely interesting because it's so easy to think you're going to spend an hour, then next thing you know it's been five or six ( or more ). So I really commend the people here people that dedicate obvious energies towards this endeavor, and the folks that offer support through their interest. I'm not sure if anyone else will hear this the way I do, but it is a treat to have a forum where people have such a strong interest. I've eq'd and repeated at the tail end of this file, what I think is part of a comment by ?

       Thanks for checking this out.. take care everyone .... Brian

PS : the title I gave this file is reflective of my question, not what I think might be an answer..

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