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 Posted: Aug 18th, 2009 01:37 PM
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Hi everyone;

Let me start by saying that I have been attempting to reach my mother who past June 12, 2009 via EVP's for over a month now. While I have been recieving snippets of communications from her, (I know it was her by the questions I would ask), I still had some misgivings about them, until this past Sunday.

I decided to try to reach mom again via my Radio Shack Hack Ghost box, up until then I was using a digital recorder with white noise, and what I recieved BLEW ME away.

I had always asked the same questions, general questions that only mom would know the answers to like "who is your oldest son" and "what is your grandsons name" but I decided to ask a question that I never asked before while using the Ghost Box, and that question was "mama what was your nickname?" Her answer very clear on the EVP was "SNOOKY" her nickname when she was alive. her family never used her real name always called her "SNOOKY".

Here's the EVP. You will here her nick name said 3 times once by a voice which I can definetly say is hers, another voice, almost like a little girls voice and then a man's voice (the mans voice is at the end and you have to listen closely as it is "under" the ghost box sounds but definetly there. It sounds like the last 2 voices are calling mom trying to get her attention. Let me know what you hear.



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