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 Posted: Apr 21st, 2008 07:02 PM
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Keith Clark

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Hi Mark,

Interesting conversation. Though I may have different descriptive words, I believe we are pretty much talking about the same thing. Sure, I would agree - and have another angle of projecting it....

since spirit is able to influence and use shorter bursts of energy, we have one known variable - time. What if we could take a high quality snapshot of a very small period of time, and uncompress or expand it out to a viewable range? Kinda reminds me of rezising a picture and how the original resolution or pixels determine how well and far it can be stretched or expanded.

I have an idea for how real/time audio/video would be possible, but have been waiting to write something about it instead. In short, the same audio signal could be used - the lower frequencies for audio, the higher frequencies for images simultaneously. I mean, we do the same for our car stereos (bandwidth splitting). And a "live" image probably wouldn't have a very high refresh rate, but if the time variable of the display window couldbe controlled in the spectrogram display, then it would be possible to have a rapidly changing picture similar to what we have now. And it could all be done through audio only.

Of course, the problem there is that an excellent connection has to be made through a source that can be augmented, such as radio. Natural evp could probably never accomplish more than what spoke of, the "modulated instant."

Great talking to you,