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 Posted: Feb 3rd, 2018 06:28 PM
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Hello, thank you for a very informative thread and a thank you to all the thread contributors too.

I think we are all searching for the ultimate communication configuration and many different idas have been put forward ranging from the very simplistic to highly complex.

However my mind is always drawn the continued accomplishments of Mr Bacci, who appears to use very basic equipment with excellent results.

I say appears to use, because I do see an array of equipment around his receiver that is covered, such as oscilloscopes etc but I presume that this is for research and testing purposes.

Yet when the Bacci setup is functioning, I can only her the output of his actual radio. I don't hear any other forms of cross modulation, impulse signals, Frequency modulators etc.

Would you say tha Bacci is just an exception to the rule?

In the past, Raudive and others have given advice regarding changes to set ups in order to produce the best results, some communications have even suggested that we need to completely overhaul our devices if we wish to progress further in comms.

I wonder why, despite an apparent drop in reported contacts since the 90's, when particular groups split up for various reasons, that new and up to date suggestions haven't been received.

I have no doubt that various Governments and other bodies have undertaken their own research into this area and I have no reason to think that communications have slowed or stopped for them. I do think that these agencies would no doubt employ the brightest minds with unlimited budgets in order to obtain the highest standard of communication.

Sadly, most of us do not have access to such resources and I am in no doubt, that our reasons for making contact are vastly different to those of the aforementioned.

Perhaps for the time, the simplest methods may be the best.

I strongly believe that if they want to contact us they will, but if they do not want to, no amount of expensive or complicated equipment will matter.

Regards to all and have the best day possible.