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 Posted: Apr 10th, 2014 05:46 AM
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It's good to see people are still experimenting, although very disappointing that after 50-odd years of using the diode method (or any other method as far as I can see), we still haven't got anything like clear, unambiguous communication.

No doubt folks will point me at some recording in which they CAN hear unambiguous communications, but all I can ever hear in these is noise. But then after 20-odd years of listening to weak radio signals my brain has been trained away from aural pareidolia so perhaps people with my kind of background are more likely to hear only what's really there.

Anyway, back on topic... As also spending decades as an RF engineer, I can confirm the use of a germanium diode for signal detection.

And Grimus, you'll get hum either way the diode is connected because AC hum is just that - alternating current. One way you'll pick up the negative half cycles of the AC waveform, and the other way the positive half cycles. That's the theory anyway, but in practice there is unlikely to be sufficient signal to make the diode conduct in either direction under those circumstances and your audio circuits are probably just picking up leakage through the diode without it conducting at all.

But is there any evidence the EVP can be detected with a diode? If so, does this not suggest EVP is electromagnetic radiation? In which case they should be picked up by sensitive radio equipment. (Yes - some researchers say that have done that, but neither I nor any of my colleagues ever have heard any paranormal signals on any frequencies between at least 10 kHz and 70 MHz. Perhaps we were just listening in the wrong place. (And my God, we must have totalled many, many thousands of hours between us!)

If the entities are manipulating noise (or the brain's perception of noise - which is an interesting idea) from sounds from tape, diode radio signals, water, etc. then an audio noise gernerator would be worthy of consideration, and if anyone is interested I'll post some links.

My husband has a Physics PhD who dismisses all this stuff thus: "If after all these decades of research no one has yet come up with a testable theory against the evidence, it's either all wishful thinking nonsense, or lacking any real evidence. Either way you're wasting your time."

But I'm still interested...


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