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 Posted: Jan 5th, 2014 09:48 PM
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This is not a bump, just an addition of an audio only "video". I used Advanced Audio Extractor to remove the audio from the video, and ran the audio through Audacity, where I did perform a noise removal, amplify, and one last noise removal. I think performed the "repeat" function, allowing 4 seconds of audio to repeat four times. After doing all of the editing through Audacity, I exported the file to WaveLab LE solely because I like their graphical representation of sound a bit better than that of Audacity. The picture you will see on this video is the spectrograph(gram?) image of the audio from seconds 4.3 through 8.5, repeating four times, from the original video.

Tried to embed using flash command, and the youtube commands, both time coming up empty. I hate having to ask others to go to my Youtube page, especially since Youtube started letting people make money off of their viewership. I have opted out of that service, so I can promise you that I do not get paid for my videos, incase any of you are not viewing my videos for that reason. I do not understand why I have captured such responses so many times lately. Do you think there is a spirit in need of something here, and if so, what advice do you have for me? Any, and all, help is appreciated.

Here is the link to the Audio Only video