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 Posted: Jan 24th, 2013 08:30 AM
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Hi Ron!

For those who don't have 3D capability, try Chromadepth glasses (color 3D effect) can get them online or at Toys-R-Us (4 pack) in the birthday party favors section. I have a pair and tried it with the Stream- cool effect.
They're great for looking at artwork too- got the heads up at a gallery opening- the artist distributed them...Dramatic! Colors either recede or pop-out, hence the name :)

Have fun,


ArizonaEvp wrote:

Here are some suggestions when visiting The Stream:

If your Television is 3D capable,  hook your computer up to the TV.....turn on 3D simulation.....put on the glasses and watch the Spectrograph.

I find the Spectrograph has great depth.  To me at least,  there is a landscape quality to what I see.