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 Posted: Jan 11th, 2013 05:59 AM
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I filmed the entire seance and have to admit I was amazed by the number of distinct personalities I observed. The medium never opened his eyes yet the majority of the faces were looking right at us. I also saw a form displaying the characteristics of an "energy squid" that flailed about in the air around an audience member's neck.

I was sitting in the footprint of the door-swing, in the corner- no one around me...Spirit touched my head and cavalierly flipped my hair!
A friend of mine snapped a pic at the end- in the frame there was a perfectly formed Spirit forearm and hand (the white bones -including metacarpals in the hand- were apparent and the flesh looked like milky opaque vapor). It appeared to be touching the back of the woman in front of her. The friend is an Orb photographer, saving the pic for an up-coming book. (afterward I felt pretty drained for a couple of days. Spirit must have siphoned energy, there were individuals there seeking energy healing).

I don't manipulate video files beyond applying a "one-click" filter to the entire segment -brighter, duo-color etc. While analyzing this one I kept getting messages referring to "tin"...nothing really popped out at me until I hit the duo-color filter and then I 'got it' ~tin-type!! Out came the Spirit personalities :)