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 Posted: Jun 16th, 2012 06:26 AM
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I have been in communication with primarily one male spirit for about two years. I started using the Rinaldi Babble file in EVP Maker and began receiving responses at that time but difficult to isolate EVP from the babble for presentation purposes. Since then I have been experimenting with various sound files and foreign language files in EVP Maker. I also experiment with the pre-recorded files witout the use of EVP Maker. Both have shown various levels of success. Here is one from this morning using a foreign language file in EVP Maker, then filtered to remove rumble below 200 Hz.

Because the sound file is audible while I am recording sometimes I can hear the responses live and am able to continue with the conversation knowing that I have a communicator present. Such was the case with the nursery ryhmes that I posted in another thread. In this particular recording, I was not sure if I heard "good morning" or not. Always a challenge but so worth the time as I am sure you can relate to as well.

Not sure if I hear good friend or best friend?


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