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 Posted: Feb 25th, 2012 12:44 PM
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I have a photo of a dog in the room I'm in when I was using a full spectrum camera and I don't have a dog.  It is odd that spirit takes things from you, but I know that one time someone broke into our house when we were out of town looking for a new place to move out-of-state and someone took all of my daughter's gold jewelry.  We were heartbroken because of that but about a year or so later, it all showed up on the top of her dresser in the new house we moved to.  I get a lot of apports like a man's wedding ring, a newspaper dated 1948 that I found in my dining room and this house wasn't even built until 1955.  What was neat about that was I had ordered a DVD on the Scole Experiments and I watched  it that particular day and in the DVD they showed a newspaper being apported and then later in the day I found mine, on a table and folded exactly like the one in the DVD.  Mostly I find pens and pencils everywhere around the house, funny looking ones that have faces or purple hair where the eraser should be, but I figure that is Robin because she loved to write and it is her way of showing me it is her leaving it instead of my son or grandson. Also have been given a toothpick and a book.  Robin wrote three books that she wanted to get published and all the transcripts disappeared for about three years and one day she fell asleep on her couch and when she woke up, they were right on her couch by her feet.  Mostly my activity comes from anything electronic though.