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 Posted: Jan 19th, 2007 04:17 PM
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This is a recording from last night using my Sony B16 IC digital recorder where my recorded voice message was manipulated and rearranged forming a modified statement from my initial comment.

The recorded comment does not make sense as a standalone comment - nor as a comment made to a physical person.

You may notice the monotone nature and stilted delivery of the recording.

If we make the assertion that unseen entities can manipulate background noise such as Fans/Waterfalls/Tape Recording devices - it seems logically that the human voice can also be manipulated and reworked.

Indeed, because of the availability of existing human patterns of speech (i.e. vowels/consonants) - far less manipulation may be required by these entities - to achieve expressive coherency in a recorded message - meaning that entities can communicate with greater clarity and with less energy expenditure using human speech pattern as its basis.

But this method of capturing EVPs also has inherent issues regarding validation.

It means that strict'controls' of assessment are required - and that the initial spoken comments are meticulously noted/logged before playback changes can be objectively confirmed.

I find that a background of 'multiple layers of physical chatter'(such as heard in supermarkets and shopping centres)provide the best background recording medium for EVP recordings because of the absolute plethora of available human sound - but obviously discerning valid comments from entities can be a real challenge.



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