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 Posted: Dec 14th, 2011 11:53 AM
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We could chat about religion for ever so many questions and very few answers, in my opinion and that of my guides we are spiritual beings having an earthly experience.
 Man has looked to control the masses since time began and so much has been lost over centuries of miss translation, religion was jumped on by Rome when they realized join the latest trend or loose power, that wasn't out of choice but necessity for Rome to stay a major power of the time, Jesus was the 5th most popular name of the time and I feel he did exist and was a great healer and medium like so many of that time period, It was man who miss heard his words and fear that drove them to write all gospels including the gnostic gospels.
 Even going back to the 2nd world war the catholic church chose to turn the other cheek while millions of Jews were being exterminated In camps and right under the Vatican's nose, you have to think what was the real reason for this ??, even worse they helped many SS higher ranking officers to evade the allies after the war was over, they hid them In the Vatican and arranged for them to be smuggled to lots of south American country's for example, again you have to ask why ?? the reason many don't ask "why" Is simple It's easier to turn the other way than to except your religion Is built on what serves at the time and corruption, there Is now proof all what I say happened, science Is now able to explain away the 10 plagues of Egypt for example.
However to show the world the major religions are nothing more than this would be a bad thing as Ive said faith can move mountains, Its really just the fact we all have different beliefs yet the end Is the same.
 When I work as a rescue medium what others see as an angel helping me I see as energy and light, my FAITH BELIEF In who and what I work with Is all I could hope for and up to date as much as Ive been attacked tested time and time again my FAITH Is unmoving.

I was 12yrs old when I went to my priest and told him I could see hear and interact with spirit, his answer a scolding and told never to mention It again, my parents put me In a psychiatric ward at 14yrs old for 9wks because they thought I was mad, Life In all forms higher and lower Is GOD, we don't have all the answers because we are not supposed to If we did how would we learn and evolve, for far to long negativity has be on the rise and I strongly believe 2012 Is when positivity will bring things back In to balance, more and more people are now opening up to the idea of spiritualism.

Blessings to all