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 Posted: Oct 25th, 2011 09:00 PM
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I did (do) have a problem with my DR60 recorder once.

I got some well know NAME brand AAA batteries and had them installed for around 2 months in my DR60 and some other recorders...
Those batteries LEAKED on the DR60 and a Panasonic RR-US360 recorder.

Was a fast clean up on the RR-US360 and I "thought" was a simple clean up on the DR60 but months later (slow spell) I pulled out the DR60 and it had a blank screen...I thought only to replace the batteries this time.

I then noticed in the field that the area where the batteries installed...that the lower area was all busted and weakened.

This was where those batteries leaked on the "egg shell" thin supports for the "wire" that completes the 3v connection on the lower part of case.
Only thing I could do was take the recorder apart...couldn't now be to nervous because it was already broken (sad).

So I opened the case and built up the lower end with balsa type wood (used no glue) and put it back together....WORKS

I don't plan for a more permanent repair as all that area is needed for is to HOLD the little stainless wire up across the bottom.
I was SURE mad at the battery company, but couldn't send in the recorder for repair of course :-)

I know not to leave batteries in equipment over long periods...but this was so quick and appears as though I had gotten a "bad" batch or something.

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