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 Posted: Oct 21st, 2011 01:51 PM
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Hi Lisa,

Yeah, I don't know what it is about 3 am but...

Whenever someone in spirit has a 'yen' to talk, they wake me up at 3-3:30 with some kind of bizarre and pronounced 'sound effect' (i.e. falling logs, snapping fingers, clanging singing bowls, etc.).

My husband has a lot of family on the other side. One or the other will visit him periodically (we hear them talking out loud) right around 3.

The latest pattern is my new favorite...Dan works about 45 minutes away and a couple of days last week he got up later than usual, had a second cup of coffee, etc. He, my daughter and I were sitting at the breakfast bar. He glanced at the clock and exclaimed, "Look at the time! I've got to get up earlier. Can't keep doing this!!"

The next morning, he popped out of bed at, you guessed it, 3 o'clock- ready to go! The next morning, 3:30. He seemed fine so I didn't mention it but wondered to myself what the heck was 'going on.' Yesterday morning (after several days of this) I found myself wide awake at 3. He was snoring so I didn't dare move. At 3:15 I heard a woman's voice (from his side of the bed) loudly tell him to "Get up now!!" Sleepy Dan replied, "Uh uh, not yet!" and resumed snoring-

I guess I was shown because I inquired, but I really would like to find a recorder with the capability to start and stop recording on a timer- 3 is such an awkward hour to deal with.


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