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My comments regarding drv November 18th, 2006  Rate Topic 
 Posted: Jan 15th, 2007 09:08 PM
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Keith Clark

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I would like to take the time to explain what my experiences with drv experiments have been in an attempt to "band together" with those of you interested in this area.

Most of us are familiar with the pioneers of drv and the characteristics of the radio communications they have received. As a general rule, the first thing a new experimenter does is try to duplicate the equipment and procedures of people that have been previously successful.

Technology is changing, and our friends change with it. From my experiences I feel that those in the spirit world have been working on a new method of sending radio signals for quite some time now. It doesn't sound like drv of previous and current documented cases of communication via radio, but it is undoubtedly communication with the other side. It has a mechanical sound when filtered and almost appears to be sent via some sort of carrier wave.

Let me start by saying that all of the information in this post is simply my opinion, based on experiences and events that are currently taking place. I'm not an electronics or radio specialist, and don't pretend to be.

Here are some interesting notes I would like to point out: (for this type of drv)

Frequency may have some effect, but it's not the main factor behind this signal. Nov 16 they were coming through 2 separate radios of the same brand at 29.5Mhz
I tuned second radio from 30MHZ all the way down in increments to about 5Mhz while leaving the first one at 30. They were still there. Sometimes they were buried under static, sometimes they were clear--the farther I moved down the frequencies, the worse the quality of the signal became. It's interesting to note that they also were coming through the AM radio tuned to approx 1750khz at the same time. 3 radios, 3 different frequencies, same signal.  

Antennaes may or may not help--you won't be able to tell until they come through.
I have a discone antenna I put up about 6 months ago with the hopes that it would help. Over a long period of time I attached that antenna to the different radios individually while they were on the radio to see if it would improve or degrade their signal. More often than not, it became worse; However, it is interesting to note that currently the antenna attached to the Emerson AM radio helps the reception of their signal. So, the antenna is currently helping the reception of the signal on the AM radio - but it doesn't help my 2 shortwave radios. My point - an antenna may have a very sensitive effect on the signal, but it would be extremely difficult and perhaps unnecessary to purchase one until you know you have made a connection.

Why not send me radio communications that sound similar to past drv?
I don't know the answer, but here's my guess. I don't think that they are able to talk with me through the radio in the same manner as other people. There could be many reasons: my location, my psycho-spiritual aptitude, the level of energy between myself and them, etc. If they could, most likely they already would have. Obviously they have many reasons for the things that they do, things we're totally unaware of. Perhaps I don't have that specific quality that allows them to use normal means to talk with me through the radio. I feel that they're working on this new project for the ultimate purpose of being able to communicate with more people via radio than they could previously. As I see it, radio communication in the future will involve many people rather than small groups and individuals. It will not be a rare form of ITC.

New flurry of activity indicative of changes to come.
Today is Nov 18. Since Nov 16 they have been on the radio continously (3 days so far), which has some meaning.  In September I was told that there would be a window of opportunity around this coming February for radio communications. I was not told if this applies to everyone or just me. Now I cannot honestly know if the results of other researchers will be affected also. Why would it just apply to me? The reason given for this window of opportunity is that certain planetary conditions will come into line. This message was relayed to me by Brough Perkins, a psychic here on AAEVP, during a reading that contained at least 50 other accurate facts concerning past and future(several of which have already taken place). If February comes and other researchers have the opportunity to benefit from this occurence, then all is well. If not, then no harm done.

Expensive equipment is not necessary, leave that for the scientists.
My most expensive radio is $100. That hasn't stopped them. While the type of radio may have an unseen effect on their efforts dependent upon the circuitry and other unknown variables, they have shown that after a period of time it's possible for them to adjust sometimes. Tom mentioned this a long time ago, and he was right.
Do you think the other side only wants to come through to select people using select equipment? Of course not. They want to communicate as badly as we do. There's much work to do.

The hardest part of radio communication is your own mind.
At this point radio communication using this type of signal is not easy. The most difficult aspect is controlling your emotions and the extremely high risk of mis-interpretation. There have been thousands of times when I think that I hear them saying something negative about me or to me.....the same goes for evp. Certainly, working with something that is undeveloped produces a large amount of risks that shouldn't be undertaken by the faint of heart. I have come to learn that a certain amount of restraint is required when attempting to interpret something which you can't hear. In fact, it would most likely be more harmful for anyone to attempt to come up with interpretations of this type of drv at this point. That's why you don't usually see interpretations of my clips.

There are 2 rules of thumb that I now follow:
1. Everything that is being said is not necessarily directed at you. The only way to tell when they are speaking to you is when you ask a question and get an immediate reply to that question and are able to make out the reply. The same goes for evp. The other side uses equipment and it appears that they have some type of microphone system (for drv). It's not uncommon to hear conversations between 2 people in the background. If you hear "Where are you going?" then you have no idea who's talking to whom. If you say "I'm taking a trip" and you hear "Where are you going" as a reply to that question, then you might be able to draw conclusions.
2. If they didn't like you or had rotten things to say about you, well then why are they talking to you on the radio? If I think I hear something negative I simply continue on and ignore it. Now it's possible that someone may have an untactful or rude comment about you, but it is highly unlikely (for the most part, excluding negative entities, which I haven't heard of interrupting this type of signal yet). What it boils down to it this: forget your fears, drop the emotions, and continue on. We can be our own worst enemy sometimes.


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