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 Posted: Apr 21st, 2007 09:36 AM
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Hi Keith,

That's really exciting if this is the kind of radio clip you are also getting.  To my knowledge, I have not rec'd a long interaction, except by phone, and the entity could not be clearly understood although it was absolutely an interaction (I just sent it to John). 

In the past, if I didn't hear it like Anabela or Bacci, I'd just delete it without denoising.  Now I know better, and even though I tend to be a technophobe, I can work my way around that.  Will let you know and post any longer ones. 

I got one yesterday (at work) where they mentioned how exciting it was that I was trying this method.  I can send it in on Monday.  I think we here at ITCBridge might be getting closer to clear radio communication.  Thanks for listening and the info about what you are getting too.  Vicki