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 Posted: Feb 22nd, 2011 09:34 PM
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Hi folks,

I live in Aust. & intend to start a website aimed at using the spiritworld to assist in the solving of serious crimes - worldwide (name registered .. however am not so confident can manage this on my own as am not terribly adept with computers.

I would prefer to hand the entire task over to one or more folks with an interest in the area who would be more capable at this undertaking than me .. ie. site design, management.
I will pay all costs associated.

The site can welcome input from psychics / mediums - not just those practicing EVP.

I have in the past received responses from the spiritworld when utilizing EVP in aid of assisting crime solving - although so far can't say have been terribly accurate / helpful, for example ~

- a murderer's name given as Tran .. when in actual fact the offender's name turned out to be Pan.

- a murderer's name given as Jiarak (by pronunciation) ... Jackway later named as suspect in the media.

- Robert given as person responsible for Madeleine McCann's disappearance... Robert Murat named as suspect in media.
Mike .. Michael given as person responsible for her death.

(It can be helpful to play a news report / video relating to the crime beforehand)

However these responses have ensued from only brief attempts... persistence may yield improved results.

Anyone interested.. please let me know.