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 Posted: Jan 15th, 2007 09:00 PM
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Keith Clark

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The attached file is a drv recording from this morning at 6:45am. Both raw and filtered clips have been provided. For the first time, it appears as if simultaneous broadcasts were made by 2 separate stations, if you will.   RAW   Filtered

If you are either experimenting with radio or would like to, please contact me. I would like to form a group of like-minded experimenters. So far, I'm only aware of several - one in the U.S., one in Canada, and one in Mexico. (And of course, the work of Marcello Bacci in Italy and Sonia Rinaldi in Brazil.)

Though radio experimentation can be difficult, it will not always be this way. After reviewing current events and the progress of my own experiments, I believe that a very unique opportunity will present itself for an improvement in radio communication in the next month or so.

All you need is a radio, the desire, patience, and hopefully correspondence with other like-minded researchers to strengthen the field.  You don't need to be a radio whiz, and you may not understand what you receive - yet. 

Also, if you are experiencing anything similar to the clips that I post, please feel free to step forward. There are untold spirit communicators waiting to come through, and radio may be one of these avenues for them to take advantage of in the near future.