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 Posted: Jun 24th, 2010 02:38 PM
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Operating Theory,

Still working on prototypes and better understanding of the basics.  A couple of Points . . .

The voice that we hear in EVPs and other methods is a "Pattern Within the Randomness/Noise.  It can be any kind of "randomness/noise" from electronic, magnetic, audio, radio, a waterfall, etc.  There are two basic ways these "voices" can be transduced between nonphysical and physical realities. 

One - as a separate voice signal buried or covered in a large noise signal.  If this was true we could expect that by filtering out more and more of the noise the voice would get clearer and clearer.  But instead we find the opposite to be true.  One of the hallmarks of real EVPs is that as noise is filtered out the voice gets weaker and weaker.  The voice is made of noise.

Two - this leads to the idea that the voice is not a separate signal buried in noise.   Instead, the voice is some sort of pattern, or structure that cannot be separated from the noise.  It is a pattern or structure made from the noise itself.

So, what would this imply about how to get clear, loud voice signals?

Well, if the voice is a pattern within the noise it means that dead folks have the ability to influence the pattern of voltages and frequencies within, say, electronic white noise.  There is probably a limit to the amount of voltage they can produce.  So, to get a better signal to noise ratio it would be better to give them a very low voltage noise signal for them to influence and then amplify the bejeezes out of it.  That woulf be better than giving them a big voltage noise signal and then trying to reduce the noise to be able to hear what they are saying.

Maybe this is why Spiricom had a radio transmitter and receiver as part of the system?  With the transmitter and receiver antennas so close to each other the strong audio oscillator signals could be reduced to a weak, very low level (low voltage) signal in the space between the two antennas.  Dead guys could more easily inluence the low voltage radio signal in that space then the stronger audio oscillator signal itself. 

So, this would suggest that a modern Spiricom device should use the lowest level AM radio signal possible.  Let Them be able to infuence the weakest possible radio signal, then amplify the begeezus out of the received radio signal some you can here their influence/voice.

Whatcha All think?