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 Posted: Sep 27th, 2009 08:07 PM
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pipesmokingman wrote: hi all - any assistance appreciated on this :

what i want to do is build a flame transducer  using a small solar panel and fresnel lens as the "head " section  and a recorder as the tail section .

what i need is a design ( preferably on veroboard ) or a circuit diagram  for the interface to take the varying OP voltage of the panel/lens and convert it into analog audio

no surface mount please as cant see the small components :blush:

any offers - please PM  me - or a link to a design will do

many thanks in anticipation

PSM :thumbup:

Here is a link to a youtube demo video I made earlier this year. The design is very simple, no lens being required. Any sound vibrates the wide flame of the oil lamp. The solar panels convert this vibrated light back to an analog electrical signal. My first designs date back to 2004.  Also search for "optical microphone" on Google to see the articles I wrote for AA-EVP on the subject.


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