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 Posted: Aug 27th, 2009 06:51 AM
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Keith Clark

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Hi Bill,

I'm glad to see you take interest in the stream and participate with us.

I can see the picture you posted, and do recognize it as a person. When it comes to identification though, I refrain as I do not yet feel that we have reached the point to where identification is feasible, on average.

There is yet something to be accounted for though, and that is the personal experience you had when you collected it. We all know that at certain times we know we are being directly communicated with, by our friends, family, and others. It has happened to memany times, as well as others - so in that sense I can say that you are very likely right, if that is what you felt.

Either way, we are developing - so it will get so much better one day!

Thanks for sharing the pic.