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 Posted: Aug 18th, 2009 10:10 AM
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Here are some images I captured on August 18, 2009. They are # 1 My mother who past June 12, 2009, #2 A friend who passed on July 30, 2009, #3 Same friend only closer picture, #4 my Great Aunt who passed in 2004, and #5 An unknown lady. All Images of relatives and friend are actually what they looked like in life. I find this unbeleivably  fascinating.

#1 -   My Mother

#2 -    My Friend

#3 -    My Friend close up

#4 -     My Great Aunt

#5 -    Unknown Lady

I specifically asked these people in spirit to send an image of themselves (except for #5). Let me know what you think...and Thanks for putting this up.


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