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 Posted: Sep 24th, 2008 10:38 AM
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Thanks :)
I find that a design is shaped by the mouse and would much rather that than housing the unit after it's been built, if you see how I mean. This one was taller than most and so enabled fitting a decent sized internal speaker. I quite enjoy building things into those small areas that a mouse provides and there are quite the myriad of mouse shapes around.
100 cases eh, that's some major project work! Walkie talkie shells are great too, being designed to fit in the hand.

If the TDA7088T needs a reset, which makes sense, then the robot voice is perhaps even more bizarre. I'm planning on opening this one back up and doing some 'leg' experiments. Hopefully I can make it auto reset, if indeed running out of stations and yet keeping on scanning isn't the key to future results. Either way, i'll find out more about the chip inside.