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 Posted: Mar 8th, 2008 08:35 AM
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Keith Clark

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Hi "Slider"

That was a very interesting clip, I enjoyed listening to it. As far as building electronics, it's not something I'm extremely familiar with - though I can accomplish it when needed.

Your device looks pretty creative and neat, and I think the audio sample you provided sounds promising.

I would say that yes, I have often experienced and now attempt to channel this energy of "knowing", the creative impulse to just do without wondering about all the "why's". After a period of time, it appears to work very well for me also. As an end result, I'm working with things I would have never thought possible. And it's fun.

Everyone is a contributor here, though the board has not grown large yet. There is no brand name or trademark of ITC electronic devices, though some may be well known. When it comes down to it, the device does not play as big a part as the experimenter - who is essentially "the receiver."

I look forward to reading more of your posts and hearing about your experiences, remember to continue following your own tuition.