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 Posted: Mar 6th, 2008 10:13 AM
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I've noticed something quite major, after having read a lot more posts since joining the forums.
It would seem that I have many of the component parts in place for Spiricom work, within the Para-meter devices already built...but not arranged in the same way. A lone road into improvements over a 6 month period, with circuit design, tweaking etc has brought me to the unit above...but without knowing much at all about Direct Radio Voice or Spiricom.
I can post my half dozen previous units, with pleasure, if wanted.

So, when I posted this unit was when I began to really read up on the work done by others here. To which, I now feel quite humbled !
Thing is, all has come from a sort of inspiration, thoughts on something that may work, bits of circuit and uses for components seemingly unconnected as full devices. On reading more, I find that much has been put together by myself without knowing why lol
Quite honestly, I have often walked up our stairs from my basement and suddenly had an idea, the idea gets built.
If my unit seems that way, it is !
Perhaps it's been a prompting or perhaps not...I just know that everything is tieing in and I find that situation compelling, to research more about the whole area and peoples successes.

Gaining a robotic voice in one of the first trials of this unit, seems to be a hint to work toward such devices as DaveEVP has constructed. His Optical Spiricom mp3's opened my eyes and ears a bit I can tell ya :)