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 Posted: Jan 10th, 2008 12:13 PM
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O.K. Now I see Laura very cool! You are recording in what seems to be a faraday enclosure.  Your experimenting along tha same lines I am.

I'm calling my version: "Staticom."

This version is more akin to Direct Rdaio Voice method that Bacci and others are experimenting.

My theory is that spirit experimenters are broadcasting on un-used physical world frequencies in the "static" as it were.

I'm playing with a system set up like this:

A.M. radio tuned to the lowest or highest of the dial.  I listen very carefully for minutes tuning away from any apparent signal.

Once I set the "carrier" I pipe the radio through a 6-8 voice occilator.  I tune the tones to be "in resonance" to the radio static.

I then pipe this combination of sound through "live" noise reduction.

All of this goes through a behringer mixer.  I feed a live microphone into the mixer and record the session into the computer.

I've only done one session at present. I plan to do at least four more session before introduction of the Faraday cage. (Which I'm ordering online).

First session resulted in many interesting clips which I'll share shortly.
One of the most fascinating things was that I discovered that I received much more "chatter" when I placed my hand on the tone generator and tuned the tones slightly with the incoming voices.

Now, I can't claim yet this this is evp.  I may be simply receiving Cell transmissiom or srtay RF.  However, there were some personal messages whcih lead me to believe that some of these were evp.

I applaud you for doing these recordongs with some control in mind. This is essential In my

John D