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 Posted: Oct 25th, 2007 02:36 PM
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Vicki Talbott wrote: I did a short session with the radio on SW1, high end static.  I could hear modulation but couldn't hear the words until I denoised it slightly.  I asked for a message and got this.  It sounds to me like "I love your tulips, Vicki."  We are right in the middle of a tulip festival here in town!  The fields are stunning.  Vicki

I'm just skipping around in this forum, listening to different recordings and so on... there's so much here!

Anyway, I hear as you do on this one Vicki ... so you got this one in real time? May I ask what kind of radio you were using when you got this recording? And how did you record it? Did you have your mic next to the radio at the time when this voice came in but how did you avoid feedback? Lol, so many questions but that modulation is definitely there... no doubt about it, it's someone talking! Fascinating clip!