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 Posted: Sep 1st, 2007 01:42 PM
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lkimberley wrote: HI Dave,

Yes I have a laser transmitter and receiver, however the laser lights don't work on the transmitter like there are supposed to, its a laser beam shooting to the photo transistor that I had buildt and I worked and worked till 4 am one night, so....being so frustrated,  I know this sounds odd if not bizzare ok....I have this Panasonic radio and I'm 4 hours south in Mexico, well I get this sound like Keith describes..and the buzzing just kills my ears. so, I grounded the radio..I think.and plugged in the transmitter to it and it ran thru the equalizer and voice digitizer and simply focused 3 lasers on the photo transistor and used no sweeping of any kind.  "All of this is in a dark plastic box not external lights of any kind, Right now I use a cheap laser and 2 very intense lasers and they pulse like Frank R said it should. I will get two more today. if you go back to the link I sent you earlier, under August 30 test 2 Lasers again this experiment was done without a radio. Misty says its even more clearer. I don't always listen straight thru...I am always concerned with clear voices only, as that's what the control station said with all the isles of workers and units with large displays say. Also, I see and hear them to much, so I had the house blessed and anything I create; it gets blessed with holy water! Since then, everything has been better much much better, no nasty voices!!!

and I sleep better too and have all these ideas, and no electronics background. Frank R helps me allot.

I finally downloaded all of Old franks stuff and will try to find a tech here to build it, and see if we get English. But, I think lasers are definitely the key for me to something. I have this idea, will create it today and record and see what happens.

I will post it at Esnips as the files are so big and its just easier to go there to listen without having to download.

PS they keep saying a Dave is supposed to help me, are you that Dave?




Hi Laura. The pulsing laser sounds interesting, I still don't know how you have things configured between the radio and the lasers. I have worked some with lasers and you may want to try beaming the lasers at a simple solar cell. A solar cell like you would find inside a cheap calculator. Connect the solar cell as you would a microphone and listen or record the output. I got lot's of voices using this method. You may also wish to review my thread of using a laser with a revolving phonograph record, also a good technique.

You are aware (I hope) of how easy it is to overload a phototransistor with a laser. You may try and attenuate the laser by running through optical fiber or a reflective surface. You can also pick up voices by reflecting a laser off of an object and listening to this reflected light. This is how some spy microphones work. Try to read though some of my posts here and on AA-EVP. I will answer any questions if something interests you.