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 Posted: Aug 31st, 2007 07:08 PM
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Keith Clark wrote:
They work in an environment which may be considered similar to a control room at NASA. Though what we see or hear on this end may not be clear, it is actually the result of much planning and coordination (I'm referring mostly to dedicated and consistent ITC work - I would not say that evp is usually "planned")


Hi Keith, interesting thread. I had a very vivid dream several months ago about such a control center. I normally don't remember my dreams, this dream was so lifelike I remember details to this day. I was shown a control center that was full (aisles and aisles) of equipment and people working at stations. I floated from work station to work station straining for a view at the displays. I belive they were trying to impress me, they did! When they say we are connected to a network, they are not kidding!

In some of my sessions the locations are given. The strongest messages for me have come from London, Chicago and Hamilton Canada.