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 Posted: Aug 30th, 2007 06:43 PM
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Keith Clark

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Hi Vicki,

Everything we do is on a personal level......meaning that while my spirit team may not be related to me as a family member in physical form - we work together as any friend would. As such I can call them my close friends and family. Heck, I spend more time with them than anyone else (other than my coworkers). The way I see it, everything I do with them is personal communication.

They have given me the name of my main communicator, Frederick. I also believe they want me to focus on the communication itself, rather than the name of the person I may be working with.

My communication with them is no longer shrouded in questions and doubts. During our relationship they have shown me enough things to wash away all the concerns and questions. I know the following:

There are a team of dedicated people in spirit working with me - there are at least 7 main contributors. 
Frederick is my main communicator, and possible may even be referred to as a sort of guide. He is the person who usually speaks through the radios.
They are able to inspire me to try new ideas, and I am slowly learning to be open to it. When I think of a new idea or area I don't consider it as mine. In reality, it is ours as a team.

They are willing to try any form of communication that I invest time in. Doesn't matter if it sounds wacky or if nobody has tried it yet, doesn't matter if I lack the technical knowledge to fully understand the hows and whys of our communication. Over time it becomes apparent that we will meet halfway, and the better I become at being open - the faster and easier it is to know whether a specific project will be fruitful.

They work in an environment which may be considered similar to a control room at NASA. Though what we see or hear on this end may not be clear, it is actually the result of much planning and coordination (I'm referring mostly to dedicated and consistent ITC work - I would not say that evp is usually "planned")

We don't have to talk directly to understand each other. We share a common goal - to help humanity by developing new ways of communication which will help bring these changes about. There are not just 7 communicators, there are most likely more people in spirit working towards this goal in the present time than anybody could possibly conceive. When I think of them I envision it as a structured environment with many different branches. They're all working to achieve the same outcome, but this outcome can be achieved through many different avenues simultaneously. ITC is only one of these avenues.

Also, I feel that there are many branches of ITC which might be broken down by both geographical location and methods and areas of communication. I feel that there are probably regular meetings at this point, where people who have the best comprehensive knowledge of the progression of a specific area give the spirit community "updates" to coordinate the entire effort. With as many people that are communicating with spirit nowadays, there has to be some form of communication and coordination - something which allows them to see the "bigger picture." As we know, people in spirit are not "all-knowing", and may not be aware of a specific event unless knowledge of that event has crossed their path.

I hope this helps explain my outlook on spirit communication a little better. Sorry I wrote a book. :wink: