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 Posted: Aug 9th, 2017 08:21 PM
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flybd5 wrote: I've looked everywhere for the recordings. They are not available anywhere on the Internet, to my knowledge. I've seen the photo. It doesn't really answer any questions for me. I will try to build this device, and have already ordered the final component (the wire), but it bothers me that they complain about the skepticism but don't lift a finger to provide the simple evidence that would dispel doubts. Without that, the whole story fails Ockham's Razor and tends to peg my BS-o-Meter. :)

Montague Keen was amajor correspondent for Scole. His website contains a page with several recordings from seances. Some might be from the scole sessions. Some may be channelings from mediums, some evp, some trans dimensional communications. I'm not exactly sure. Here's the link.

Montague Keen website audio

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