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 Posted: Jan 28th, 2017 09:02 AM
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I'm not sure anything would short with bare wire, because no power is running through it. Remember, guitar pickup coils are made of bare wire, not insulated or enameled. This is not a transformer or relay coil where electricity runs through it to create a magnetic field, it's just a coil to enhance reception with the germanium as a semiconductor material.

I don't think Tesla has a design that could match this. If he did, he would have probably barged in on Edison during the Scole sessions. :)


Slider2732 wrote:
Most of EVP study is excessively optimistic lol
But when the Class A's arrive, it makes the journey worth it huh :)

Thanks for verifying the 500ohm thing.

Uninsulated would short of course, but back in the day I presume he may have used cotton covered. Certainly shielded wire similar to WiFi wire would be no good. The enamel wire is a good compromise for performance.
Maybe Edison was thinking of radio in the may have morphed into something powerful if Tesla had designed it. Saying that, how about Tesla's spirit radio.

With Edison and Tesla not getting along, combine the two designs and watch the sparks fly :)