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 Posted: Jan 25th, 2017 03:22 PM
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Very kind, but I only know what's been typed up here.
This sort of project is a good starter for homemade devices and can teach a lot about what to expect, how to discern noise from an actual signal.
Anything I might explain would only be based on experiments from years ago now and really, it's much better to build one for the self and make changes as it's being used...everything is only guesswork and the experimenter himself is often the factor of whether success is achieved. Plus, what that success is, or what results are expected are also based around the experimenter.

A couple of high ohm coils and a germanium diode are about all it is. How you hook them up or interact with the resulting device is as open as the ones I made that few years back.
The summary being, that such devices are always part material, part ethereal. In the case of this one there is a lot of gap setting and adjustment based on a highly unscientific 'feel' for changes. Those changes are seemingly directly linked to the experimenter.