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 Posted: Jan 21st, 2016 02:00 PM
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Brian Jones

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I'd like to clarify a few things here. I've spoken with Keith Clark on the phone. I find him to be a very great person, and his efforts and offerings of building, maintaining, and sharing this mighty website here most generous. I will conclude by elaborating on my proposal of this thread. I can and do capture otherwise unknown psychic signals constantly through my own sensitivities, techniques, and creatively unique custom built instrumentation.

I can access specific information from the raw signals of animal's vocal energetic output, captured on audio recording media. In fact, I have animals approach me in such ways, that it is highly apparent that they not only read me as someone quite uniquely sensitive and open to them, but also, based on many phrases I've documented this way, strongly suggests that they have a very connected understanding of the collective consciousness, as I've heard this comment multiple times of  ' we know of you '.

Beyond the animal communication aspect, I can access specific information of nonphysical entities through my ITC work. The same goes for my analysis of incarnate human speech, ' reverse speech ' as David John Oates calls it. This last phenomenon is actually how I started all my audio-psychic work back in 1997. I've approached tens of thousands of people since 1997, with the very same goal I stated here. I have witnessed a very unsettling theme in humanity, which I won't bother stating again. I will just expand my contact information here, in the chance that the properly complimentary person comes across my proposal here. Also, I am not limiting this endeavor to personal readings for the potential collaborator, I am quite open to suggestions of practical application!

Brian A. Jones      [email protected]