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 Posted: Aug 2nd, 2015 08:47 PM
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In the past year or so I have found time to teach myself Morse code - receiving at 15 words per minute and sending on a hand key at very nearly the same speed. (Why I chose to do this is another story!)

I have been testing myself recently using the various online sites and also the ARRL HF transmissions. I'm rather pleased with myself as I thought at my age it would be almost impossible. It was hard, but with perseverance I got there!

I'm particularly proud of the fact that I can read weak Morse through quite heavy interference - something that I was told by my husband (and other radio communications experts) was really worth while if I wanted to read Morse at all!

So... if there are any Morse EVP files available, I'd be very happy to listen to them. Does anyone know if any of the groups claiming to have EVP Morse files have them publicly available?

In the unlikely event of anyone thinking of learning Morse for any reason, may I offer some advice?

1) You need to practice - there are many online sites that can help.
2) You will probably have 'sticking speeds' that are hard to get past. For me these were seven and 12 words per minute.
3) Morse code is still in use on the airwaves!

As an unambiguous, no-nonsense method of communication with 'The Other Side' I should think it is hard to beat as there are no vague sounds open to interpretation. There must be lots of telegraphists who have passed over willing to help. There are even free online decoders that will read the Morse for you if it is fairly clear.

Is there any real on-going EVP research in this area? I'm assuming not or we'd have heard all about it - at least if it were successful - but I may be wrong.