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 Posted: Jul 12th, 2015 09:01 PM
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If you have any kind of accuracy, ask meaningful questions and you will get more interest from the spirits.

Those spirits are human beings just like us, without a body. I think they appreciate more challenging things to work on. Also it gives them a chance to show you how spirit works by helping you get information that you cannot get any other way... I'll give you an example. John lived in England in the 16th century. No one knows what Elizabethian English sounded like, or what the Latin that was commonly spoken sounded like. I decided try to catch it with an EVP recording. I asked him to read in his diary in the accent of the time that it was written. I could barely hear the recorded message but when I followed the book, I could hear every word. ...and the accent came through pretty clear even with all the static. It was not like I expected. ( i was expecting something that sounded like a Shakespear play)but, it had strong American characteristics. He sounded like someone from Virginia with a British twist. The phonics were different. The words were not pronounced in the way I expected. For example the name of the angel Anael.. is usually pronounced An a el. He pronounced it A Nail. Espie is pronounced in modern language Eh spy he pronounced it Es pee

and the way he jumped from Latin to English and back to me indicated that he was fully bilingual The Latin sounded unlike anything I've ever heard.

My point is don't be afraid to do some daring exploration with this. Not just with the equipment but really get to know someone... There are no limits to who you can talk to. You can talk to yourself from a future probability if you want to. Ask them to help you with the mediumship. No one can teach a medium better than a spirit.

Also don't be afraid to look for interesting historical people Nostrodamos, for example, or Leonardo di Vinci. Maybe an angel... I talk to Gabriel.

CAn you talk to animals spirits? trees? The earth itself Gaia? A god Shiva,perhaps? God? Jesus Christ? Buddha?

Did that get some creative juices going :-)