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 Posted: Aug 18th, 2014 01:27 AM
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Ah, the TL074 - probably what I would have used!

9V through 2 M ohms only gives 4.5 uA. Is this enough? Could you reduce them to say 1k each (as current limiters) with 100k ganged variable resistors to see if there's a 'sweet spot' for any effect?

And very nice piece of construction to hold the magnets.

I can hear 'voice-like' noises in your recording, but I can't tell if they are just digital artefacts, pareidolia, or both. Perhaps forum members with more imagination than me could interpret something...?

Good work.


PS: I've just looked at your other links and construction. Beautifully assembled - I wish I had the talent for such neat construction.

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