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 Posted: Aug 12th, 2014 03:25 PM
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I've held a personal theory for some time regarding diodes and EVP.

The thought goes, that diodes do indeed carry the voices of the deceased. Small signal diodes are in pretty much everything for EVP experimentation. Only over the past few years have diodes become the same as SMD transistors, little black plastic pieces, rather than glass encapsulated silicon or germanium.

Diodes are mini solar are LED's and larger transistors if you take the metal can top off. I have 2x 1970's diodes of unknown type (from a Scanner/CB type of thing) that produce 6.5V @ 17uA when in series, next to a 23W CFL lightbulb.
One might wonder how the light can get in to traditional recorders, but even brand new digital recorders will likely have a front of the case LED !
Similar to diodes, a green LED can produce 2V and several 10's of microamps, able to run a blocking oscillator circuit in good sunlight. 

So, pretty much any piece of kit has an ability to allow frequencies in via a diode of some type and create it's own power, enough to influence recorded output.
An interesting aspect of DC and AC is that one type can ride over the other and remain separate...such as badly smoothed ripple from wall adapters. Such a situation could allow for a spirit voice to hop along a normally closed DC route within a circuit, similar to how high frequency energy travels over and not through a wire (induction wireless electricity).
If a voice from the deceased is thought of similarly to radio, i.e. it's a frequency, then rectification for recording can be managed by the diodes. Some of that energy may skip on past, which could conceivably give us the different classifications of EVP recording.
If there is a light component to the signal, bringing in recent full spectrum camera usage by some researchers, then the direct link to diode rectification of those frequencies can be imagined.

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