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 Posted: Jul 7th, 2014 10:59 AM
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Keith Clark

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No offense taken, in fact your post was rather complimentary. We value having you on the forum and your participation has been great.

hmmm...would love to have a stream again. In my vision, I see a myriad of channels to choose from, all running simultaneously, all different experiments that anyone in the world could access anytime, anywhere....the issue with being labeled a "dreamer" is that if I'm not too careful, the dreams become so big they incapacitate me.

So now I am looking to the community for help. Ron is at this point, my right-hand man, administrator of this forum and co-creator of another project we're working on.

I put this out to the universe and those here on the forum. If you want a stream, all I need is:

A. A computer at a remote location
B. Enough bandwidth to stream (cable of 10Mbps down/1Mbps upload or Fiber such FIOS) or higher, also this internet connection would have to just support yourself and your household, not other tenants, etc - expect it to have to be rebooted once a week or more.
C. A person with
(a) high moral character and interacts well with others, no ego, willing to keep the ITC Bridge brand name on the stream, this would be an extension of ITC Bridge, full credit will always be given where credit is due.
(b) perhaps retired, works part time, has ability to check on the stream periodically and notify myself or Ron of outages so we can fix it and get it back up.
(c) some technical knowledge, minimal required, we'll be able to walk them through over the phone.
(d) Be willing to allow me remote access to this machine and the router/firewall/cable modem to setup remote access.

Regarding A, I stock up on computer equipment, and could provide the computer.

Regarding ideas: they are endless and are not an issue.

(Forgive me, I am not known for brevity)...

Summary: if someone wants to donate some internet bandwidth (upload) and their time and energy, we'll create whatever you want, within reason.

You can be anywhere in the world. Shipping of the computer would be costly outside of the US though.

I hope I answered your question thoroughly :)