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 Posted: Jun 18th, 2014 01:42 PM
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Keith Clark

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Hi Jeff,

I'll have to reply at length another time.

In a nutshell, most internet traffic uses TCP, transmission control protocol. it corrects errors before traffic makes it to the end destination.

Skype, VOIP, streaming camera surveillance apps, etc, typically use UDP protocol. It leaves the source, whatever makes it through, makes it through. It is not corrected.

Therefore, experiments done with UDP will always have a better success rate, if the point of spirit influence between the origin and the destination is left in the mix. If they can influence electromagnetic fields, they can influence copper. If they can influence copper, they can influence networks. If they can influence networks, they can influence binary. If they can influence binary, spirit can manipulate network traffic.

Just a little observation I've come to. It started with me seeing live spirit faces changing real-time in front of my face when watching surveillance footage live....

Info on UDP: