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 Posted: Jun 18th, 2014 07:37 AM
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Referencing and thanking Olga for her sharing the link of ITCScope, here is information about what it is.

Thank you Olga!

Artem Miheev is also considered a friend, with a "brother" website in Russia (now both a website and an online community), we have been acquainted for the better part of a decade.

I have not yet met Horo Sergey, but have written him to thank him for his efforts, and also asked to act as a mirror and provide the download from ITC Bridge also.

ITC Scope appears to be a program written using computer code to draw random pictures.

It appears to use 3 methods of drawing: random code, code entry (hexadecimal), and draw by reaction (which flashed random hexadecimal until the user hits the stop button.)

It is unclear at this time as to the mechanics of the program. I experimented with it and tried to change the settings, which it turned out, were definitely quite random.

I'm hoping some people get a chance to try it, and provide feedback to the developer to keep his flame lit and to continue with the idea and try new things.

Several things I'd like to see is the option of more "iterations" and if picture quality is relative to resolution, then the option of a higher resolution. I am sure cpu usage, time, and other factors were taken into consideration. I'd also like to see a strictly binary version, if that is not conflicting with the basis of the program and how it draws.

It doesn't take a genius to note that as it is basically a random generator, the output is random, and in turn the claim of pareidolia is the first thing one should expect to face when working with this method; however, spirit can influence computer language, ones and zero's, which in turn translate to basic computer language. I've seen it with my own eyes using the computer network transmission protocol UDP (which doesn't correct the traffic received at the destination like TCP does).

...enough of my long-windedness....

you will need WinRAR or a similar program to open this file. I have an antivirus program and can vouch at this present time that the file is clean.

ITCScope can be downloaded here:

If you feel like it, doesn't hurt to give a shout out to these gentlemen to say hi, and let them know their efforts are seen.


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