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 Posted: Mar 19th, 2014 06:14 PM
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Hello to all..
These are voices are from my current sessions that have come through via the white noise.....I found a good window of white noise on the 31 meters Band from around 9000 to 9070KHz every night around 1am...........

I have been running 1hour sessions of DRV every night solid since Feb 1st this year, using a Degen 1103 reciever, all lights are switched off except for a 25 watt blue lamp all computers, mobile cell phones etc, are also switched off. I tune the Radio to white noise and ask questions and invite spirit to join me in my communication session.

This first voice only responded when I asked for the 'voice of spirit' to come forward and talk with me.... Before and after this response I got nothing but white noise.

(I have taken a little hiss and NR from the clips.)

This is from a session that happened last month, I state the frequency I am on and say I can hear their voice, then sounds like they say at the start 'We can hear you' Then repeated at the end 'We Hear you'???

This next clip I am hearing......... 'There are people of different light and last bit is inaudible??? Said in a very low gruff voice, when I first heard the voice, I thought it sounded like Mr Raudive because I was asking for ITC researchers who had passed to try and communicate with me....Again nothing but white noise before and after the voice for the whole hour session.

And the last two clips are below, I haven't a clue whats being said, but again the voice only came through when asking for spirit to talk with me, these two clips are from the same session came through about 15 mins in from my 1 hour....Again White noise before the voice and after with no other voices....

Take care, Lance

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