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 Posted: Mar 2nd, 2014 01:44 PM
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Hi Ray and Ron....
I can't say I have ever said a pray of protection, I believe it's all down to 'resonance' Like attracts like...I like to think that I am not a bad person and have a kind heart (Like all of you I have come to know on this forum) so this is the kind of person we will attract in spirit. I always think of it (Like in life) we click with some people but others we don't, I feel there is no difference with the people in the afterlife.

I must admit I have had a few swear words come through, but I believe the personality of a person lives on in the spirit world, so not all swear words mean that the spirit is evil or bad, maybe they just being themselves, as I know I swear from time to time LOL.
Hope this helps, Take care Lance

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